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Xyron 500 Sticker Maker And Supplies, Make Your Own Stickers !

Xyron 500 and Xyron 500 Supplies In Stock !

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� Uses no electricity = Safe & Economical � No Mess
� Edge to Edge adhesive Only where you want it � Perfect Even Coating � No Odor or Heat

A FEW of the many uses of the Xyron 500 Machine with the BIG Idea:
Personalize your Gift Wrapping, Holiday Arts and Crafts, Scrapbooking, Photos, Card Making, Kids Stickers and Projects, Labels, Fabric Application, Stenciling, Clip Art, Classrooms (For Fun and Teaching Tools), Home Offices, Shop, Restaurant Menus����.You can even make your own Sticky Back Notes!

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xyron 500 Xyron 500 - Create-A-Sticker Baby Xyron Create-A-Sticker! Adds adhesive up to 5" Wide and any length! INCLUDES:
5" Xyron 500
8 ft Permanent Acid-Free Adhesive Cartridge
Xyron Idea Book

Adhesive Remover & Remover

Scrapbook Photos, Sticker, Laminate Etc.

xyron 500 BP Xyron 500 Bonus Pack Xyron 500 Bonus Pack. INCLUDES:
Xyron 500
18 ft Removable/Repositionalble Acid-Free Adhesive Cartridge
8 ft Permanent Acid-Free Adhesive Cartridge
Xyron Idea Book

Xyron 510 Laminator

Craft Accessories

at 1505 Xyron 500 Permanent Adhesive Acid Free Permanent adhesive cartridge 18 Feet Long * *Has passed the Photo Activity Test (PAT) * 66 cents a foot.

Paper & Note Cards

Embossing Powders


at 1505 Xyron 500 Removable Adhesive Acid Free Removable adhesive cartridge 18 Feet Long * *Has passed the Photo Activity Test (PAT) * 66 cents a foot.

TY Beanies & Buddies

Photograph Albums & Frames 


500bk Xyron 500 Idea Book This little book is packed with ideas for the Xyron 500 Sticker Maker. $3.95

101 Xyron Uses



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